Lo-Chlor Pool Closing Kit

Lo-Chlor’s Pool Closing Kit uniquely removes phosphates and breaks down contaminants during the closing process so pool water is ready for winter.The products contribute no phosphates, are chlorine-free and make future pool openings quicker and easier!


  • Saves time, money and work
  • Makes next pool opening faster, easier
  • Highly efficient with less harsh chemicals
  • Fights algae & staining, breaks down contaminants
  • Does not contribute phosphates
  • Designed for pool service pros

Lo-Chlor has assembled these four products together to deliver a trouble-free, phosphate-free pool closing kit:


Lo-Phos® E+

90-Day Algicide

TropiClear® Oxidizing Shock & Swim

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Lo-Chlor Pool Closing Kit


Before you begin, brush and vacuum the pool to remove dirt and leaves. Make sure the pool water pH, alkalinity and calcium levels are balanced and in normal range. Without this balance you risk corrosion of pool equipment, scale stains and potential algae or bacteria build up in unused pools.

  1. Follow product label dosage instructions for each product and be sure to distribute each material as broadly as possible throughout the pool.
    Never slug-dose in one location.
  1. To avoid performance losses, wait until each previous product dosage has been well dispersed before adding the next.

  2. Add ingredients from Pool Closing Kit in the following order:
  1. Add FastStart-Tech®phosphate-free metal sequestrant and scale inhibitor. Prevents stains and discoloration to the pool finish.
    Dosage is 1 quart per 15,000 gallons water.
  2. Add Lo-Phos® E+ enzyme plus phosphate remover to destroy organic debris contaminations and de-activate phosphate’s ability to fuel algae.
    Dosage is 8 oz. per 15,000 gallons water.
  3. Add 90-Day Algicide to kill algae colonies.
    Dosage is 24 oz. per 15,000 gallons water.
  4. Add TropiClear® Oxidizing Shock & Swim to accelerate contaminant breakdown.
    Dosage is 2 lbs. per 15,000 gallons water.