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Thick Stuff

Thick Stuff is a thick tile and vinyl cleaning gel that stays where you put it to fully clean vertical surfaces!


  • Quickly cleans swimming pool tile & vinyl liners
  • Removes grease, oils, stains, dirt & suntan lotion
  • Easy to make even thicker or thinner
  • No fumes, biodegradable
  • Use for heavy-duty or light cleaning
  • Removes light scale

Thick Stuff has been formulated with a gel consistency so it can cling and penetrate to remove dirt and stains. This gives it the ability to clean thoroughly and deeply, leaving your tile or liner looking like new. Thick Stuff has amazing versatility – removes stains, grease, suntan lotion, dirt, light calcium build-up and more. It’s ready to use “as is” or dilute it with water or thicken with muriatic acid, depending on the strength needed and type of task. It’s flexible and easy to use!

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Thick Stuff


For heavy-duty cleaning: Use this product “as is.” For enhanced adhesion to tiles and other vertical surfaces, thicken product by adding ½ ounce muriatic acid to one quart of Thick Stuff. For larger projects, add one to two ounces of muriatic acid to a gallon of Thick Stuff. For lighter cleaning: Dilute one part Thick Stuff with up to fifty parts water.


  1. Wear rubber gloves and apply Thick Stuff to a brush, sponge or directly to the area that you want to clean.
  2. Scrub the area well until it is clean.
  3. Rinse thoroughly.
Not a scale remover.
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