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“We at Blue Ribbon Pools maintain a 72,000 gallon hotel pool that was to be used for a major event. We knew that the very high bather load would make it a big challenge to keep the pool water safe and clear throughout the event.

So we treated the pool prior to the event with two Ultra Zyme Pro treatments to handle the organic load already present and to handle the spike that would occur during the event. We followed that up with a pre-event phosphate treatment, Lo-Chlor’s Lo-Phos Max, because the phosphate level was already over 400 ppm.

The pool is rated for only 39 swimmers but the total for this event was over 1,200 people.

But the treatment was a spectacular success! We serviced the pool four times daily throughout the 5-day long event, including 11:00 PM to 12:00 AM every night. Each morning, the main drain was clearly visible through the very clear water and I had no reservations about opening the pool. Although the phosphate level quickly rose above 1000, we were able to manage the water to be usable throughout.

On behalf of the hotel owners, management and staff, as well as everyone on the Blue Ribbon team, please accept my thanks and gratitude to Lo-Chlor. Your products supported us well!”

Maurice Bushroe, Blue Ribbon Pools, Daytona Beach, FL

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