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Knockdown flocculant is the best product that I have used on my customers’ pools when doing a Green to Blue. It’s never failed and it’s always consistent. Knockdown takes everything in suspension and drops it to the floor so it’s extremely easy for cleanup, leaving my job easier and the customer satisfied. I highly recommend this product!”

Jake Clift, Big Z Pools, St. Augustine, FL

“One of our retail customers gives swimming lessons from her pool. Even with perfect chemistry, and having a salt system, her skin always felt itchy after a day (5+ hours) in the pool. My Lo-Chlor rep recommended I give her a bottle of Lo-Phos E+. As soon as the bottle was finished, she came in to buy another and she now swears by the product. Even after a full day in the pool, she says her skin feels great! I’m really impressed by this drastic change.”

John, Horizon Pool & Patio, Wellington, FL

“I’ve had an inground pool for 45 years that I have opened, maintained, and closed every year by myself. I was never faced with a problem that I could not solve on my own until this year when I had stains on the pool liner that were unattractive and continued to grow throughout a two-month period. I did my research online and chose Lo-Chlor as my remedy. I bought Multi-Stain Remover and after reading the instructions, got Metal Gone. as a complement treatment. To make sure I was using the product efficiently, I called Lo-Chlor’s number and was given Bea’s number to call. I talked to her several times and she very patiently helped me understand how to use it and how to be patient for results. Now it looks like a new pool liner and it makes me smile every time I look at it! I would highly recommend these products – 100% satisfaction.”

Tim Noffsinger, Middletown, MD

Algae Control

Phosphates, organic contaminates & algae outbreaks

Stain Solutions

Scale, stain causing agents & plaster dust

Tile Scum Lines & Filter Load

Grime, scum & continual maintenance

Water Conservation

Evaporation, leaks & pool draining

Water Clarity

Cloudiness, particles & overworked filters

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