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Lo-Phos® E+

Remove and control phosphates with regular use of Lo-Phos E+. Adding weekly will result in a cleaner, clearer, more enjoyable pool PLUS save you time and money!

One of our retail customers gives swimming lessons from her pool. Even with perfect chemistry, and having a salt system, her skin always felt itchy after a day (5+ hours) in the pool. My Lo-Chlor rep recommended I give her a bottle of Lo-Phos E+. As soon as the bottle was finished, she came in to buy another and she now swears by the product. Even after a full day in the pool, she says her skin feels great! I’m really impressed by this drastic change.

John, Horizon Pool & Patio, Wellington, FL


  • Powerful enzymes eliminate scum lines, oils, lotions and other contaminates
  • Reduces chlorine demand and costs
  • Improves water clarity
  • Compatible with all pool chemicals and pool surfaces
  • Maintenance usage can remove up to 500 ppb phosphates weekly
  • 5 oz treats 10,000 gallons weekly

Chlorine demand caused by organic contaminates such as oils, lotions, plant and animal waste can cause hazy water conditions, scum lines, increased chlorine consumption and difficulty managing water balance. Using Lo-Phos E+ regularly during pool maintenance can significantly improve all these conditions, saving time and money maintaining your pool.

Available in: Quart, Gallon, 5-Gallon, 15-Gallon, 55-Gallon

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Lo-Phos® E+


Add 5 oz. Lo-Chlor Lo-Phos E+ per 10,000 gallons (1 oz. per 7.5 m3) weekly to prevent scum lines, oil buildup and to remove phosphates from water.


For best results add appropriate dose, per directions, of Lo-Chlor Metal Gone to pool before using Lo-Chlor Lo-Phos E+. Add Lo-Phos E+ directly to pool or spa water with pump running, distributing over as wide an area as possible.
  • Run filtration system continuously for 24 hours.
  • Check filter pressure regularly and backwash, if necessary.
  • For pools with high phosphate levels (above 1000 to 5000 ppb) treat water with Lo-Phos Max before treating water with Lo-Phos E+.
  • Does not affect water balance.
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