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Knockdown is a high performance flocculant that drops haze-causing contaminants to the pool bottom for easy vacuuming.

A hotel with a newly commissioned, all tiled pool, came in complaining of pool cloudiness because workmen failed to properly clean the tiles before filling the pool. We sold them Lo-Chlor’s Knockdown and told them what to do overnight and promised we’d pass by the next day to look and offer further advice. Your product totally worked! We could see the debris settled on the pool floor and left them “vacuuming to waste” and with a very relieved pool maintenance worker. It looks like this product is going to be a hit!

Kenton Augustin, Beachcomber Ltd, St. Lucia


  • Drops suspended particles to pool bottom
  • Cleans and clarifies pool water
  • Enables easy vacuum removal
  • Effective over a wide pH range
  • Use with all sanitizer types
  • Works with all pool surfaces

Pool professionals demand a fast, powerful flocculant when working on tough cloudy pools. Lo-Chlor’s Knockdown, a non-alum flocculant, includes a clarifier solution to save time and effort.

Knockdown drops a wide range of debris to the pool bottom where it can be easily and quickly vacuumed out. It also includes a polishing clarifier to finish the job and it won’t affect water balance. It begins working immediately and finishes the job quickly. Knockdown typically delivers high clarity overnight.

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Use 8 oz. per 10,000 gallons of pool water - or - 236 mL per 38 m3 of pool water. Quart bottle treats up to 40,000 gallons (151 m3)


  1. Shake contents well.
  2. Pour the appropriate amount of Knockdown into a bucket of water and pour evenly over entire pool.
  3. Run pump for 2 hours and then turn the pump off.
  4. Let unfilterable material settle overnight into small clumps.
  5. Set the filter in “waste” or “drain” cycle and “vacuum to waste” all settled debris.
  6. Clean the filter and begin normal operation.
Compatible with chlorine, bromine, salt water pools, ozone and biguanide sanitizers
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