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What makes Lo-Chlor The PROVEN Solution?

Our unique formulations consistently excel in the toughest year-round environment for pool maintenance and they have been doing so for over 40 years. Humidity, heat, and year-round sunshine make for an algae paradise. The sun’s intense UV rays decompose chlorine. Shoreline winds and sudden weather changes blow in seeds, insects, sand and dirt. Tropical storms can dump foliage, outdoor furniture, trash… basically anything into our pools.

Lo-Chlor Specialty Pool Chemicals are specifically designed to target the pool water problems that maintenance chemicals alone cannot resolve. We are proud to manufacture these exclusively developed products here in the USA at our Fort Lauderdale, FL based facility.

A trusted name in performance pool chemicals, Lo-Chlor premium pool products are highly effective, rigorously lab tested and all competitively priced. We create and optimize our formulas while being kind to the environment. That means your pool water will be cleaner, clearer and safer, leaving you with peace of mind.

It’s easy. Remember, the best solution is “The PROVEN Solution”…Lo-Chlor!

Enjoy Sparkling Clear Pool Water Every Day!

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Meet the Team

Jim Prendergast

General Manager
Rick Myers, Sales Manager & Commercial Accounts at Lo-Chlor Chemicals

Rick Myers

National Sales Manager & Commercial Accounts
Beatriz Borges, Regional Territory Mgr., Southeast FL

Beatriz Borges

Regional Territory Mgr., Southeast, FL & Worldwide
Candice Lucas Regional Territory Mgr., Central/Northeast, FL

Candice Lucas

Regional Territory Mgr., Central/Northeast, FL
Mark Sauro, Regional Territory Mgr., West Coast, FL at Lo-Chlor Specialty Chemicals

Mark Sauro

Regional Territory Mgr., West Coast, FL
Tim Conroy, Regional Territory Mgr., Mid Atlantic, US at Lo-Chlor Chemicals

Tim Conroy

Regional Territory Mgr., Mid Atlantic, US
Perry Velargo, Reginal Territory Mgr. gulf coast, US at Lo-Chlor Chemicals

Perry Velargo

Regional Territory Mgr., Gulf Coast, US
Cleo Turner, Office Manager at Lo-Chlor Chemicals

Cleo Turner

Operations Manager
Zack Boothe, Production Manager at Lo-Chlor Specialty Chemicals

Zack Boothe

Production Manager
Cindi Jacobs, Marketing Lead at Lo-Chlor Chemicals

Cindi Jacobs

Marketing Lead
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