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Pool Algae in Autumn

The early autumn is a wonderful outdoor weather experience. In the north its time for admiring the spectacular show put on by autumn foliage, for savoring the taste and warmth of hot cocoa in the evening, and for wearing comfy and flattering sweaters. In the south the humidity plunges, the morning and evening breezes freshen and it’s comfortable to be outside at every hour. Unfortunately, algae like this weather, too.

The reason for freshening breezes at dusk and at dawn this time of year is the same reason that a lot of what we call “weather” happens. Land areas heat up much more quickly from the sun’s rays than do bodies of water. The temperature of the air above these adjacent areas is raised by whatever is beneath them at a corresponding rate. That creates a difference in air pressure between the two areas. High pressure air pushes into low pressure air and so we get breezes and a redistribution of heat. At dusk the land cools much more quickly than do bodies of water and the same thing happens in the reverse direction.

What does all of this have to do with pools, algae and your sweater-modeling future? Glad you asked. As the air gets cooler outside, we humans often assume that algae will grow and reproduce much more slowly, making algae control far less of a priority. But the algae are still getting plenty of sunlight, and the water (unlike the air above the ground), will remain fairly warm for weeks or even months, depending on latitude. So, to the extent that there are nutrients available (phosphates, organic matter and nitrates), the algae will grow and bloom quite comfortably. This all adds up to a need for persistent diligence in algae control, even in lovely October. We need to continue to wage relentless war on algae, the enemy that never sleeps!

90-Day Algicide, the original flagship product of Lo-Chlor®, remains a top performer in killing and preventing algae growth in pools. It is made with copper, an element, and therefore can’t be destroyed by chlorine, sunlight or time. Just like its sworn enemy, algae, copper never sleeps! Because our formula and use instructions prevent copper staining, 90-Day Algicide is the top choice for use in every kind of pool, and it supplies highly effective, non-stop protection for three months.

We also make the highly preferred Lo-Phos® Max as the most efficient way to rid pools of the phosphates that algae need to grow and reproduce. Using both products in a pool gives algae little chance to thrive. This may seem unfair, but what has algae ever done for you? Use 90-Day Algicide and Lo-Phos Max to give algae exactly what they deserve.

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