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Salt Master– NEW

Salt Master is the ideal blend of pool water enhancing agents made specifically for salt pools. Just one weekly dose reduces the need for acid, boosts performance and decreases the frequency of necessary balance adjustments and cleanings.


  • Boosts water quality & clarity
  • Reduces the need for acid
  • Prevents scale buildup on salt plates
  • Extends life of salt chlorine generator
  • Keeps phosphate levels low
  • A single weekly dose
  • Safely swim right away
  • 4 oz treats 15,000 gallons pool water

Salt pool maintenance is easier, more convenient and less time consuming than for traditional chlorine pools. With a salt chlorine generator, pool water is velvety smooth and there’s no need to carry heavy jugs or pails to repeatedly add chlorine. Salt pools, however, do need salt-specific additives to run optimally and efficiently.

Salt Master keeps equipment in top shape and increases the life and performance of salt chlorine generators. This special formula prevents scale buildup on generator cells, pool equipment and surfaces. In fact, most salt chlorine generators can be operated at lower settings after using Salt Master for just a few weeks!

This all-in-one pool enhancer is compatible with all pool surfaces and equipment, plus there is no waiting time to swim. Use to control pH drift and keep salt swimming pools at optimum levels of water clarity and comfort.

Available in: 1 LB

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Salt Master

Salt Master– NEW


Add 4 oz. per 15,000 gallons (118 mL per 57 m³) pool water weekly. For challenging pools, double initial dose. One capful = 1 oz.


For best results, inspect and clean the salt chlorine generator cell and pool filter prior to first treatment.
Maintain your water chemistry as normal.
Dose Salt Master directly in front of return jet or distribute over pool surface with pump running.
Test chlorine levels after seven days and adjust generator output as needed. With Salt Master, most generators can be operated at lower settings.
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