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Dad and son was frozen in the pool. Very cold water in the pool. Need heated water.

Keep Water Comfortable and Extend the Pool Season

Don’t look now, but pool water cooling-off season is just around the corner. It’s sneaky. It will start at night while you’re sleeping. The air will get cooler and drier each evening and people will love it, at first. But soon they’ll notice that their pool water is becoming uncomfortably cool and that there’s less of it. And then the days will start to get cooler and drier, too. And pool water temperatures will drop faster, and the water level will sink still more quickly. For many people it’s “game over”; no more relaxing dips in the pool until next year. But not for everybody!

Most of the heat loss that pools experience, particularly at this time of year, is due to pool water evaporation. Water molecules that have enough energy (which we experience as heat) to escape the attraction of the neighboring water molecules are the ones that leave the pool. The not-so-technical name for this escape is evaporation. So, when these energetic water molecules evaporate, a significant amount of heat is leaving with it. What is left behind are the less energetic (colder) water molecules. Evaporation means water loss, of course, and when the air temperature is lower than the water temperature, it means major heat loss, too. As the weather changes and we experience more cool dry air and breezes above warm pool water, the environment is working for evaporation and against the interests of pool owners. And we’d all like to help pool owners out.

Lo-Chlor’s Aqua Blanket® “liquid cover” product dramatically outperforms the traditional products in this product category. The oldsters are built from isopropyl alcohol or ethanol and have to be dosed often, either daily or continuously. Aqua Blanket persists. It modifies the surface layer of the water to restrain evaporation. And whenever the air is cooler than the water, pool water heat is conserved as well.

Aqua Blanket in pool water is safe for swimming. It’s also odorless, tasteless and is, in fact, invisible. It’s exceptionally efficient, requiring only 3 ounces dosed once per week in a 15,000-gallon pool. It operates around the clock, making the pool water available 24/7. And unlike a solid cover, Aqua Blanket never needs to be rolled up and dragged away or heaved, once again, over the top of the pool to hide its beauty.

Pool owners want their water and heat to stay in the pool; let’s help them during their season of need

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