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Miraclear® Blue

Watch your beautiful water sparkle in the sun! Miraclear Blue utilizes a unique polyelectrolyte formula that is non-toxic and biodegradable to improve filter efficiency. You will see a noticeable improvement than when using other brands.

We have used Miraclear Blue in EVERY pool on our routes for nearly 6 years. The water clarity improves tremendously within a few hours of treatment and our customers love the way the pools look. We have gained new customers from our competitors simply because our pools stay clearer and look better than theirs’, thanks to this very strong clarifier!

Donivan Sphar, Service Manager, Jeff’s Pool and Spa Service, Brunswick, GA


  • Polymer based clarifier
  • Boosts filter efficiency
  • Excellent weekly treatment
  • More concentrated than competitive products
  • Combines suspended particles for improved filtration
  • 1 oz. treats 6,000 gallons

The concentrated deep blue liquid of Miraclear Blue is a powerful formula that leaves pools clearer than other major brands’ comparable products. This easy-to-use formula carries the microscopic particles that cause cloudy water to the filter for removal. Requires only 2 oz. to clarify 12,000 gallons of pool water.

Available in: Quart, Gallon, 15-Gallon, 55-Gallon

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Miraclear® Blue


Use Lo-Chlor Miraclear Blue weekly: 1 oz. per 6,000 gallons (1 oz. per 23 m3). For extremely cloudy water conditions or commercial usage: 1 oz. per 4,000 gallons (1 oz. per 15 m3).


  1. Apply Lo-Chlor Miraclear Blue broadly across surface of pool.
  2. Add to skimmer for immediate improvement of filter efficiency.
  3. Run filter pump for at least 6 hours and clean or backwash filter as needed.
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