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Thank you for joining our team!

You have made a decision to bring Lo-Chlor products and support into your business and bring high quality, cutting edge pool water solutions to your customers.

Every dealer in the pool products trade purchases specialty chemical products. We realize there are many other brands that you could choose to carry and we appreciate your trust in us.

We believe that Lo-Chlor is the right choice because:

  • Our products provide strong margins for our dealers
  • Our pool chemicals are priced competitively
  • Lo-Chlor offers premium quality products that are noticeably a cut above the rest
  • Chemicals are consumed and so generate ongoing repeat sales for your business
  • Our products have been proven effective in the toughest environment for pools – South Florida
  • Lo-Chlor is a time-tested company with over 40 years in the specialty pool chemicals business

We are grateful for your interest and partnership. If you don’t see something you’d like to see, let us know. Come back again soon – we are always adding useful information for our dealers.

Bring Lo-Chlor into your store and service route today.

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