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Lo-Chlor dirty pool grout

Make Pool Stain Removal Easy

Many pool owners, gazing at their pool while thinking about their next move, notice stains on pool surfaces. They may be new stains or old stains getting worse. Or perhaps they’re the same old stains just clamoring more effectively to be noticed when pool owners are less distracted and want to relax. Regardless of how it happens, pool stains get noticed, and pool owners realize that friends and family notice them too.

Most pool stains are metal stains. Water always contains metal ions naturally, and depending on what kinds of surfaces water comes in contact with, additional metal ions are often added. When the water’s pH gets high, or oxidizer level gets high (e.g., chlorine product or non-chlorine shock), or a dissolved metal level in the water gets high, metals exit the water as colored oxides and these metal oxides stain adjacent pool surfaces.

Interestingly, metal stains come with a sort of natural color-coding; yellow-rust stains are made by iron, gray-to-black colored stains are made by silver, blue-aqua stains are made by copper, and dark purple stains are (much more rarely) made by manganese. That is to say, it’s interesting if its somebody else’s pool. If it’s your pool, the stains are just ugly and embarrassing!

One way to remove metal stains from pools is with an acid wash. This works but is not gentle to pool surfaces or equipment, involves dangerous chemicals and requires draining the pool to fully expose the stains. Not surprisingly, this tends to be expensive. A better way to remove metals stains is with a stain-remover product that acts on stained surfaces while the water is in the pool and in contact with the stains. Its less damaging to surfaces, less dangerous and less expensive. Some brands of stain-removing products offer a different product for each different metal stain and, of course, a kit to help figure out which metal each stain is made of. This works but involves detective work and multiple steps over a period of days, at least.

In contrast, Multi-Stain Remover by Lo-Chlor® has won converts ever since its introduction decades ago. It is a single product that removes metal stains of every kind (no testing or ID kit required!), is designed for in-water use and typically works overnight. As with any type of metal stain removal process, adding a metal sequestrant helps keep the lifted stains from redepositing on surfaces. Using Multi-Stain Remover is fast and very effective. It’s also very easy, but for pool owners trying to impress friends or family with their stain-removing prowess, we promise not to tell anyone just how easy it really is.

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