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Aqua Blanket®

Aqua Blanket, the liquid pool cover, delivers water conservation by dramatically reducing pool water evaporation by up to 40% all year long. Conserve water AND preserve the beauty and instant availability of your pool with ease.

We use the Aqua Blanket product with many of our solar installations. The product really supports the performance of our systems and customers are very happy.

Aaron, Wayne’s Solar, Ormond Beach, FL

POOL BUILDERS TIP: Use Aqua Blanket when new pool inspections mandate a pool cover.
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  • Energy-saving invisible barrier
  • Saves money
  • Extends swim season
  • Greatly reduces heat loss
  • Dramatically reduces water evaporation
  • Safe, non-toxic, biodegradable
  • Compatible with all sanitizing methods
  • Safe for all pool surfaces, including vinyl

Enjoy all of the benefits of a pool cover without the hassle! So easy to use…just one small dose per week poured onto the water’s surface conserves water and energy while delivering comfort and a longer swim season.

Available in: Pint, Quart, Gallon

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        Water Conservation    

         Heat Retention         


Aqua Blanket®


3 oz. per 500 sq. ft. of water surface (approx. 15,000 gallons) per week. - or - 90 mL per 48 sq. meters of water surface (approx. 56,800 L) per week.


SHAKE WELL! Using measuring guide on side of bottle pour recommended dose onto pool water surface.
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