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COMPLETE by Lo-Chlor is a total stain treatment system that handles all three phases of stain removal like a pro! Now you can remove most common stains like iron, copper and manganese without the expense of an unnecessary renovation.


The Power of 3 for tough stains: Potent. Fast. Easy.

  • Triple-strength concentrate
  • Lift stains with Multi-Stain Remover
  • Works on metal and organic stains
  • Use on cement, fiberglass & vinyl liner pools
  • Keep metals away with Metal Gone
  • Clarify water to a sparkle with Miraclear Gel Tab
  • Compatible with all pool chemicals and most pool finishes

Unsightly stains can ruin the beauty of your pool. Lo-Chlor has taken its three powerful and popular products for stain removal and combined them into one money-saving package.

Pull stains from the pool surface into water with Multi-Stain Remover. Control and remove stain-causing metals from water with Metal Gone. Finish with Miraclear Gel Tab to remove even the smallest impurities, leaving pool water sparkling and clear.

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STEP 1: ELIMINATE STAIN with Multi-Stain Remover
  • Reduce chlorine levels, if needed, with Chlor-Nix.
  • Read ENTIRE Multi-Stain Remover label prior to beginning stain treatment. For best results, Multi-Stain Remover dosage may be doubled for badly stained pools.
  • Set filter to bypass or re-circulate prior to addition of Multi-Stain Remover. Bypass the heater, if applicable.
NOTE: For Vinyl Liner and Painted Pool Surfaces - Do not apply Multi-Stain Remover directly to vinyl liners or painted surfaces. Doing so may cause damage. Dissolve Multi-Stain Remover in a bucket of water and pour it around the perimeter of the pool.

  • As soon as staining is removed from the pool surface, follow directions #5 and #6 on the Multi-Stain Remover bottle to add Metal Gone.
STEP 3: CLARIFY POOL WATER with Miraclear Gel Tab
  • Read ENTIRE Miraclear label prior to application.
  • Backwash and/or clean your pool filter.
  • Add Miraclear Gel Tab to the pool pump basket to ensure sparkling clear water for up to 30 days.
Maintain a Stain-Free Pool: Use Metal Gone as weekly maintenance to prevent new stains (see label directions). Use Miraclear Gel Tabs on a monthly basis or to ensure sparkling clear pool water every day.
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