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Complete by Lo-Chlor is a total stain treatment system that handles all three phases of stain removal like a pro! Now you can remove most common stains like iron, copper and manganese without the expense of an unnecessary renovation.

I’ve been running my pool business for over 10 years. Everyone runs into stain problems, and I sure did over the years. I tried many things to help correct problem stains: using chlorine tabs, putting muriatic acid right on the stains, brushing the stains with a steel brush. Nothing really seemed to work, until I tried Lo-Chlor’s “COMPLETE” kit with Multi-Stain Remover and Metal Gone. What a miracle product this has been! It really works. I cleared up some old stains in current customer pools and gained new customers because I cleared up their pool stains. I highly recommend this great product!

Steven Willett, Steve’s Pool Cleaning, Cape Coral, FL


All-In-One-Kit: Potent. Fast. Easy.

  • Reduce chlorine levels with Chlor-Nix® to prepare for stain removal
  • Lift stains with Multi-Stain Remover, triple-strength concentrate
  • Works on metal and organic stains
  • Keep metals away with Metal Gone
  • Clarify water to a sparkle with Miraclear® Gel Tab
  • Use stain kit on cement, fiberglass and vinyl liner pools
  • Compatible with all pool chemicals

Unsightly stains can ruin the beauty of your pool. Lo-Chlor has taken its three powerful and popular products for stain removal and combined them into one money-saving package.

Pull stains from the pool surface into water with Multi-Stain Remover. Control and remove stain-causing metals from water with Metal Gone. Finish with Miraclear Gel Tab to remove even the smallest impurities, leaving pool water sparkling and clear.

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Bring pH levels down to 7.2 or below.


  • Broadcast one 2 oz. Chlor-Nix packet per 15,000 gallons (57 m3) throughout pool water to reduce chlorine by 1 ppm (or bromine by 2 ppm). Use additional packets for further ppm reduction. EXAMPLE: Three 2 oz. Chlor-Nix packets reduces chlorine by 3 ppm in 15,000 gallons. See dosage chart below.
  • Typically works in 30 minutes.

NOTE: Overdosing will make it difficult to later increase chlorine levels.

When ready, add chlorine (or bromine) back into pool to return to normal levels.

STEP 1: ELIMINATE STAIN | Multi-Stain Remover

  • Read ENTIRE Multi-Stain Remover label prior to beginning stain treatment. For best results, Multi-Stain Remover dosage may be doubled for badly stained pools.
  • Set filter to bypass or re-circulate prior to addition of Multi-Stain Remover. Bypass the heater, if applicable.

For Vinyl Liner and Painted Pool Surfaces

  • Do not apply Multi-Stain Remover directly to vinyl liners or painted surfaces. Doing so may cause damage. Dissolve Multi-Stain Remover in a bucket of water and pour it around the perimeter of the pool.


  • As soon as staining is removed from the pool surface (usually within a few hours), follow directions #5 and #6 on the Multi-Stain Remover bottle in adding add Metal Gone.

STEP 3: CLARIFY POOL WATER | Miraclear® Gel Tab

  • Read ENTIRE Miraclear label prior to application.
  • Backwash and/or clean your pool filter.
  • Add Miraclear® Gel Tab to the pool pump strainer basket or pool skimmer basket once every 30 days.

After stain treatment, return chlorine to normal levels.

Tips to Maintain a Stain-Free Pool:

Use Metal Gone as weekly maintenance to prevent new stains (see label directions).

Use Miraclear Gel Tabs once a month to get remarkably clear pool water every day.

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