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What's happening at Lo-Chlor?

swimming pool tile scumBuildup from contaminants in pool water can leave a nasty residue on the tile line of your pool. This unsightly buildup can be very difficult to remove with “elbow grease” alone. Filter & Tile Cleaner’s powerful cleaning formula is designed to penetrate these difficult scum lines to help your pool’s tile look like new again. Filter & Tile Cleaner comes in a convenient spray bottle for easy application.

After using Filter & Tile Cleaner, it’s important to protect your pool tile from the contaminants in the water that cause these unsightly scum lines. Lo-Phos E+ contains powerful enzymes designed to break down these contaminants, such as suntan lotion, cosmetics and oils. Lo-Phos E+ also helps reduce phosphate levels in the water, helping improve water quality significantly. Just 5oz per 10,000 gallons of pool water weekly well help prevent scum buildup, reduce contaminants and keep your pool looking crystal clear!

Identifying leaks in a swimming pool or spa can be a difficult and expensive task. Leak detection and repairs can cost hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars. Try using Lo-Chlor’s Leak Sealer before agreeing to pay for expensive services.

Leak Sealer’s proprietary formula is designed to seal minor leaks in pools and spas quickly and effectively in pools and spas losing 1 inch of water or less per day. With the pool or spa’s circulation pump turned off and your pool or spa filter bypassed, pour 1 quart of Leak Sealer per 15,000 gallons of water either directly into your pool or spa where you believe the leak to be, or directly into your pool’s skimmer. Wait 30 minutes, turn the circulation pump back on and let it run for a minimum of 8 hours. Leak Sealer’s “nose” for leaks will sniff out the source of the water loss and seal it up!

High Filter Pressure in a pool or spa is generally caused by dirty filter media such as fouled cartridges, sand or diatomaceous earth. This high filter pressure can cause a decrease in water flow and circulation leading to cloudy pool water and problems with equipment such as heating, sanitizer systems or pool cleaners not working properly.

Filter & Tile Cleaner is a powerful cleaner designed to penetrate deeply into the filter medium and release dirt and grime’s hold. Regular use of Filter & Tile Cleaner will extend filter life, prevent costly equipment service and increase filter performance and will produce clearer, cleaner water. Filter & Tile Cleaner comes with a convenient spray bottle applicator but can also be used as a filter soak for the dirtiest of filtration media.

pool-algicideCause: Black algae

Solution:90 Day Lo-Chlor algicide

Dosage: 24 ounces / 710 mL

Prevention:Lo-Chlor Lo-Phos Max and Lo-Chlor 90-Day Algicide

multi-stain-removerCause: Iron or organic stains

Solution:Lo-Chlor Multi-stain Remover

Dosage: 2 pounds / 0.91 kG

Prevention:Lo-Chlor Metal Gone



Cause: Green algae

Solution:90 Day Lo-Chlor Algicide

Dosage: 24 ounces / 710 mL

Prevention:Lo-Chlor Lo-Phos E+ and Lo-Chlor Algicide


Cause: Cooper / Iron

Solution:Lo-Chlor Metal Gone

Dosage: 1 quarter / 0.95 L

Prevention:Lo-Chlor Metal Gone


Cause: Dissolved Copper

Solution:Lo-Chlor Metal Gone

Dosage: 1 quarter / 0.95 L

Prevention:Lo-Chlor Metal Gone



Cause: Pool filtration / low chlorine

Solution:Lo-Chlor Miraclear

Dosage: 3 ounces / 89 mL Miraclear Blue or 1 Gel Tab

Prevention:Lo-Chlor Miraclear Blue /Lo-Chlor Miraclear Gel Tab

fast-start-techCause: Metals and plaster dust

Solution:Lo-Chlor Fast Start Tech

Dosage: 1 quart / 0.95 L

Prevention: Add during initial fill

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