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Miraclear Blue is highly beneficial to our company! Your clarifier has added major income to our bottom line. In winter months, when chemical usage goes down, we have supplemented the loss by selling customers on the need for clarifier.

Our Pool Technicians have limited time to complete their routes daily. To assist in the rapid pace, we strive to help them save time any way possible. Your Miraclear clarifier product enables us to save time and increase profits immensely. As opposed to mixing at the pool, we dilute Miraclear Blue prior to stocking it on our trucks. This allows the tech to administer clarifier, in the correct dosage, straight from the bottle.
We add 4 to 6 ounces of your clarifier to each pool we clean. Costing very few pennies per ounce and us retailing for $1 per ounce, Miraclear adds an average of $1,300 to $1,500 to our weekly profits!

Selling the product is easy! Customers want sparkling water and this product truly assists in accomplishing this goal. Better yet, Miraclear Blue will be consistent in adding to our profits year round.”

Belinda, Crystal Pool Service, Brunswick, GA

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