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Aqua Blanket

Evaporation is the main reason for swimming pool water loss and conserving water has become more important than ever. Find out how you can have all the benefits of a pool cover without the hassle. Save water and its replacement cost with Aqua Blanket™, the “pool cover in a bottle.”

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  1. Good afternoon Sñta Beatriz.
    My name is Santi I am from Eco07 Innovacion Tecnologica S.L.U
    I have seen all the videos of their products and their presentation I really liked them.
    Especially the net blanket and all others, I would like to know if you can inform me how to buy your products for the Spanish market.
    I am sure they would be very well received.
    Waiting for your pleasant news
    The best regards
    Santi Bonnin

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