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Aqua Blanket®

Evaporation is the main reason for swimming pool water loss and conserving water has become more important than ever. Find out how you can have all the benefits of a pool cover without the hassle. Save water and its replacement cost with Aqua Blanket®, the “pool cover in a bottle.”

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  1. Good afternoon Sñta Beatriz.
    My name is Santi I am from Eco07 Innovacion Tecnologica S.L.U
    I have seen all the videos of their products and their presentation I really liked them.
    Especially the net blanket and all others, I would like to know if you can inform me how to buy your products for the Spanish market.
    I am sure they would be very well received.
    Waiting for your pleasant news
    The best regards
    Santi Bonnin

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