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You can be confident when offering Lo-Chlor® products!

We realize that customers who have been using a specific product on the market are in their comfort zone. They may not be aware that their pool solutions can and should do a better job. We are confident that the products we provide will perform better than our competitors’ and will solve your (or your customers’) pool challenges. So, how will you know what to offer your customer?

The Product Replacement Guide is intended for reference when substituting our Lo-Chlor brand products for a competitor’s product. This easy tool will build confidence by having the information at the fingertips of counter teams and sales reps. The Guide will also build more success for your business!

We know that once they try Lo-Chlor, you’ll have new customers for life! Our products perform. If you have any questions or needs, please let your Lo-Chlor Sales representative know.

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