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Seasonal Promotion: FREE pint sample of Aqua Blanket

Pool owners know that conserving pool water against evaporative loss can be a challenge. And where nights remain cool it is difficult to maintain water temperature in pools. Aqua Blanket delivers water and energy conservation by dramatically reducing pool water evaporation and nighttime heat loss, keeping the water in your pool where it belongs.

Get FREE Aqua Blanket for your customers! We are so sure customers will be impressed with the results of Aqua Blanket in their pool that we want them to try it for FREE. Simply send out our cards within your monthly invoices. Then customers just need to bring the card they’ve received into your pool dealership for a free pint bottle. We will supply you with the free pints and promo cards as needed.

Lo-Chlor Dealer Growth Program

A program that rewards you for being an active Lo-Chlor dealer. The more you sell, the more you are rewarded. After the first year, you can qualify.

  • Growth is determined quarterly, year over year.
    Example: Jan-Mar of 2024 will be compared against Jan-Mar of the previous year.
  • As a Dealer you have the option each quarter of 2 different growth rewards. Points can be rolled over from quarter to quarter if desired.

CASH: Dealer will receive 10% of their growth in Lo-Chlor purchases back in CASH, or
PRODUCT: Dealer will receive 15% of their growth in Lo-Chlor purchases back in the form of free Lo-Chlor PRODUCTS

  • Your business must be currently classified as a Lo-Chlor Dealer ($1,500 in Lo-Chlor purchases per year) in order to sign up for the Growth Program.
  • Your business must provide all invoices to Lo-Chlor quarterly for determination of growth rewards for the quarter.
  • Discounted Early Buy purchases will count toward growth dollar calculation and rewards, and will count towards Dealer classification.

Tell your Lo-Chlor sales rep that you wish to participate; it’s free!

Team HornerCo-Op Program

Lo-Chlor is one of 4 brands (AquaCal, AutoPilot, Lo-Chlor and StoneHardscapes) participating in the Team Horner™ Co-Op program.

Lo-Chlor Dealers are eligible to receive reimbursements of up to 5% of their current year’s sales in co-op.

At the end of each year, Team Horner™ will calculate 75% of the prior year’s remaining co-op to allow the dealers to advertise early in the season. Co-op will be drawn from that balance first and when it is diminished, Team Horner™ will begin deducting from the co-op based on the current year’s sales. The co-op based on the prior year’s sales expires on December 31 of the current year.


Team Horner™ will reimburse UP TO 50% of funds spent on TV, radio, direct mail or print advertising dedicated to Team Horner™ products, not to exceed the co-op funds earned. The actual percentage of funds that will be reimbursed is based on the space or time devoted to Team Horner™ product.

(Dealers must be current authorized dealers and must be in good credit standing to participate. Dealer or distribution invoice as proof of purchase must accompany all submissions.)

To request a co-op balance or submit for co-op reimbursement, please email Click here for the Team Horner Co-op Advertising Program.

Counter Mats

Available now to all dealers. These attractive mats will make your counter look professional when customers come by. Size is 20” x 14”.
We also have Lo-Chlor branded Caps and Shirts available!

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