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Knockdown flocculant is the best product that I have used on my customers’ pools when doing a Green to Blue. It’s never failed and it’s always consistent. Knockdown takes everything in suspension and drops it to the floor so it’s extremely easy for cleanup, leaving my job easier and the customer satisfied. I highly recommend this product!”

Jake Clift, Big Z Pools, St. Augustine, FL

“I recently used Leak Sealer for pool water loss of 3-4 inches per week. I’m not sure if the leak is 100% sealed or it’s my eyes? A huge difference!”

Mike Morrison, Coral Springs, FL

“One of our retail customers gives swimming lessons from her pool. Even with perfect chemistry, and having a salt system, her skin always felt itchy after a day (5+ hours) in the pool. My Lo-Chlor rep recommended I give her a bottle of Lo-Phos E+. As soon as the bottle was finished, she came in to buy another and she now swears by the product. Even after a full day in the pool, she says her skin feels great! I’m really impressed by this drastic change.”

John, Horizon Pool & Patio, Wellington, FL

“I’ve had an inground pool for 45 years that I have opened, maintained, and closed every year by myself. I was never faced with a problem that I could not solve on my own until this year when I had stains on the pool liner that were unattractive and continued to grow throughout a two-month period. I did my research online and chose Lo-Chlor as my remedy. I bought Multi-Stain Remover and after reading the instructions, got Metal Gone. as a complement treatment. To make sure I was using the product efficiently, I called Lo-Chlor’s number and was given Bea’s number to call. I talked to her several times and she very patiently helped me understand how to use it and how to be patient for results. Now it looks like a new pool liner and it makes me smile every time I look at it! I would highly recommend these products – 100% satisfaction.”

Tim Noffsinger, Middletown, MD

“I recently ran into a situation that I’d never had when one of my clients filled up a recently resurfaced pool with unfiltered well water. When the pool was completely filled, the water looked worse than lake water. It was milky and red and seemed to be full of iron. My Lo-Chlor rep. told me not to worry because she had the perfect solution: an additive called Metal Gone.

I went to my client’s pool and added two bottles of Metal Gone and within 24 hours the pool water transformed into clear water! I was so happy. I’m a true believer in Metal Gone and will be using the product for years to come.”

Omar Gatti, PoolXpress, Kissimmee, FL

“I service two “heavily used” large commercial pools and also live in the community. I couldn’t get the water to stay clear all week long and on Monday the pools looked dingy and cloudy. I contacted the Sales Manager for Lo-Chlor and she explained how enzymes work and even came out here to assess the situation.

I tried Ultra Zyme Pro for a month as recommended and now the pools are nice and clear every day. Ultra Zyme Pro has saved me about a week’s worth of time on cleaning the filters! Now I’m cleaning only once every five weeks. Thank you Ultra Zyme Pro and Lo-Chlor Specialty Chemicals. I am a true believer in your products.”

Dan Suggs, Pool Pros, Lake Worth, FL

“I’ve been running my pool business for over 10 years. Everyone runs into stain problems, and I sure did over the years. I tried many things to help correct problem stains: using chlorine tabs, putting muriatic acid right on the stains, brushing the stains with a steel brush. Nothing really seemed to work, until I tried Lo-Chlor’s “COMPLETE” kit with Multi-Stain Remover and Metal Gone. What a miracle product this has been! It really works. I cleared up some old stains in current customer pools and gained new customers because I cleared up their pool stains. I highly recommend this great product!”

Steven Willett, Steve’s Pool Cleaning, Cape Coral, FL

“I believe that Ultra-Zyme Pro is a must-have for small commercial pools with large bathing loads. I recommend it for all pools that have bathers covered in suntan oil.”

Harry W. Waller II, Action Pool & Spa, Daytona Beach, FL

“We have been using Ultra Zyme Pro for over 2 months now on a few select residential and commercial pools with a variety of different environments and bather loads. I’m happy to report that this product has surpassed my expectations and is even BETTER than advertised! We’ve noticed a steady drop on acid demand in our “test” pools and “UZ Pro” does an incredible job removing and preventing those nasty scum lines that can develop. Thanks for this tremendous product!”

Jake Lincoln, Water Medic, Cape Coral, FL

“Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with Lo-Chlor’s 90-Day Algicide. We have a large weekly Service customer base and Retail store so we’ve had the opportunity to use this in hundreds of pools over the years, and have always had a great result. The 90-Day Algicide works quickly and effectively to kill algae and we have never had a staining issue with your product. When our customers use it as a preventative they tell us how it makes their pool water super clear and sparkly. Thanks for making a great product at a fair price. Good job!”

Machelle Martin, Pool Doctor Service & Supplies, Inc., Cape Coral, FL

“When I started my pool business many years back I tested every pool faithfully every week for the correct chemicals to keep my pools in balance and looking clear and beautiful. Most of the time I had no problems, but one day I had a pool turn green that had perfect chemistry, or so I thought. I asked the other pool guys at Horner what might be the problem? One guy said it may be high phosphates. I bought my first bottle of Lo-Phos Max and sure enough that was the problem because I cleared up the pool! Now I bless every one of my 90 pools every week with a small splash of Lo-Phos Max. Many years have passed and I never had a green pool again. This is a super great product. I highly recommend it to all pool cleaning guys.”

Steve Willett, Steve’s Pool Cleaning, Cape Coral, FL

“I’m writing to say thank you. As a dog I add phosphates into our pool (not on purpose, it just happens) & our local water is very high in phosphates (over 550 right out of the hose), so I was not always allowed to swim. Now, Mom and Dad just add a little bit of Lo-Phos Max and presto! Zero phosphates! Your product is fantastic and now I go in the pool almost every day!”

Skittle the dog, as relayed by Mark Siegel, Davie, FL

“The Multi-Stain Remover we used to remove stains from our customer’s pool works WONDERFULLY! Our customer and pool guys are very, very happy with how well this product worked.”

Kim DeWitt, Pool Captain Corp., Bunnell, FL

“A customer treating his pool for black algae said it wasn’t going away. His pool had dark black shading in the deep end walls and some blue throughout the pool. We determined that the pool was suffering from metal staining instead. After discussing with our local Lo-­Chlor rep, we treated the pool with Multi-Stain Remover following label directions. 24 hours later I returned and the customer said “That chemical you added was MAGIC.” The majority of the staining was lighter or gone completely. We followed up again and the last stains were gone! I‘ve never had a product work that effectively on stains. ”

Chad Gardner, Horizon Pool & Patio, Wellington, FL

“These Lo-Chlor products are amazing! I have a white gunite pool that has had dark grey stains for over ten years. (I thought I had to acid wash my pool but my pool guy told me never to do that.) I was skeptical they’d work but I’m glad I used your products. For my 45,000 gallon pool I used (3) 2 lb. containers of Lo-Chlor’s Multi-Stain Remover with my filter removed. Now I’m adding 3 containers of Metal Gone and am reinstalling my filter. Thanks for your products. I am so excited to have my white pool back again!”

George Armenta, Pool Owner, Sanger, CA

“A hotel with a newly commissioned, all tiled pool, came in complaining of pool cloudiness because workmen failed to properly clean the tiles before filling the pool. We sold them Lo-Chlor’s Knockdown and told them what to do overnight and promised we’d pass by the next day to look and offer further advice. Your product totally worked! We could see the debris settled on the pool floor and left them “vacuuming to waste” and with a very relieved pool maintenance worker. It looks like this product is going to be a hit!”

Kenton Augustin, Beachcomber Ltd, St. Lucia

Lo-Phos Max works really well. Better than the other brand we were using.”

Joe Signello, Sparkle Pools, Port St. Lucie, FL

“We use the Aqua Blanket product with many of our solar installations. The product really supports the performance of our systems and customers are very happy.”

Aaron, Wayne’s Solar, Ormond Beach, FL

“I use Miraclear Blue on my route. I’ve noticed that over time my pools stay so clear and clean looking.”

Dominick, Coastal Custom Pools, Fort Myers, FL

Miraclear Blue is highly beneficial to our company! Your clarifier has added major income to our bottom line. In winter months, when chemical usage goes down, we have supplemented the loss by selling customers on the need for clarifier.

Our Pool Technicians have limited time to complete their routes daily. To assist in the rapid pace, we strive to help them save time any way possible. Your Miraclear clarifier product enables us to save time and increase profits immensely. As opposed to mixing at the pool, we dilute Miraclear Blue prior to stocking it on our trucks. This allows the tech to administer clarifier, in the correct dosage, straight from the bottle.
We add 4 to 6 ounces of your clarifier to each pool we clean. Costing very few pennies per ounce and us retailing for $1 per ounce, Miraclear adds an average of $1,300 to $1,500 to our weekly profits!

Selling the product is easy! Customers want sparkling water and this product truly assists in accomplishing this goal. Better yet, Miraclear Blue will be consistent in adding to our profits year round.”

Belinda, Crystal Pool Service, Brunswick, GA

“Lo-Chlor’s enzyme products helped us turn a high-use commercial pool from being unprofitable to profitable.

Filter cleanings went from 3-4 times a week to only once a week, greatly reducing labor and DE costs. Tile line scum went from major scrubbing to light brushing, lowering our #1 call-in problem! Chlorine levels went from 1 to 2 ppm to 3 to 4 ppm with the same dosing. These results were seen in the first week!

Whenever a customer calls in with a complaint about dirty tile, we direct them to use enzymes.”

Shawn Lane, ProServe Pools, New Smyrna Beach, FL 

“Just wanted to drop you a line letting you know that the Lo-Phos Max is the real deal. We are having great results with this product. The Multi-Stain Remover is doing a fantastic job as well. Thank you for your time and introducing us to these wonderful products.”

Barrett Tynes, Cox Pools, Orange Bch, AL

“I think we need to start using your Lo-Chlor brand Filter & Tile Cleaner from now on. The guys tell me it cleans a lot better than Power Blue.”

Mike McCartney, Brilliant Blue Pool and Spa Service, Boca Raton, FL

“We have used Miraclear Blue in EVERY pool on our routes for nearly 6 years. The water clarity improves tremendously within a few hours of treatment and our customers love the way the pools look. We have gained new customers from our competitors simply because our pools stay clearer and look better than theirs’, thanks to this very strong clarifier!”

Donivan Sphar, Service Manager, Jeff’s Pool and Spa Service, Brunswick, GA

“After using Lo-Phos Max on our service routes this past swimming season, we’ve had far less algae blooms than any year before. We use less shock, less algaecides and had less problem pools, which equals happier customers.”

Rebecca Giles, Clear Blue Pools, Daytona Beach, FL

“Both of our companies have been using Lo-Chlor products since inception and still feature them as our primary pool products. We find that the quality and consistency of the line creates customer confidence paired with ease of use. Most recently we have been using FastStart-Tech which aids in offsetting efflorescence, especially visible in new colored pool surfaces. It’s a great product!”

Laura, Magulick’s Pool Company & The Pool Store, Boca Raton, FL

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