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cold swimming pool water

What Can I do to keep my Swimming Pool Water Warm?

As we leave summer behind, we can expect to lose not only the warm days, but also much of the heat from our pool water. This culprit is evaporation, through which water molecules liberate themselves from warm water and escape into the air as water vapor. As the water molecules leave the pool, they take heat energy with them, causing the pool water temperature to fall. Although pools experience evaporation all year, it becomes more prevalent during the cooler nights. As the air becomes cooler, the humidity drops and the air more readily absorbs moisture and heat from the pool water.

That’s a problem, as it can require more energy to keep your pool at a comfortable temperature. But, of course, we have a solution that will keep both water and heat in your pool where they belong. Let’s first take a look at some old-fashioned methods, and then we will see how technology can save the day.

A solid pool cover placed over the pool will dramatically reduce water evaporation, but they have some serious disadvantages you need to consider. A pool cover requires effort to drag the solid cover into place and then, later, remove it so you can use your pool. Not only does a pool cover detract from the beauty of your pool, but you often have to sacrifice an area of your lawn where you store your pool cover. Pool covers must be replaced about every two years because of the wear and tear from installing and removing them. The greatest drawback of solid pool covers, however, is they have been known to contribute to drownings. Kids and pets have drowned by getting trapped by or unbalanced and panicked by partially submerged covers.

Liquid pool covers offer an inexpensive, easy-to-use alternative to solid covers. Older-style liquid covers generally consist of isopropyl alcohol, which inhibits evaporation and heat loss. However, isopropyl alcohol is volatile and evaporates from water quickly. Consequently, these products need frequent dosing or some type of slow delivery device, such as plastic bags with small tears in them to dispense the product.

A better option is the newer class of surface-modifying liquid cover products. One example of such a product is Aqua Blanket. Aqua Blanket is a safe, non-toxic, biodegradable product that works better than isopropyl alcohol-based products and is non-volatile. Often referred to as the “solar blanket in a bottle,” Aqua Blanket is easy to use—just a small amount poured into the swimming pool weekly does the job.

So how does Aqua Blanket work? Aqua Blanket’s formula, derived from plant material, modifies the surface layer of water just one molecule deep (a “monolayer”). The layer is too thin to be seen or felt by bathers, and it has no odor or flavor. However, it is extremely effective in blocking energetic water molecules from escaping the water’s surface. The result? A reduction in water evaporation resulting in heat loss reduction of as much to 85%, when used as recommended.

Agitation occurs at the water’s surface, of course, somewhat disrupting the monolayer. But Aqua Blanket redistributes itself at the surface of the water, rather than mixing with the water below. This amazing property keeps Aqua Blanket working, no matter how ungraceful your dog paddle might be.

Bather drag-out, decomposition by chlorine, and filtration will reduce the amount of Aqua Blanket in pool water over time. For this reason, weekly treatments are necessary to maintain the effectiveness of the product. The good news is that only 3 ounces of product are needed to treat 500 sqft. (about 15,000 gallons).

By reducing heat loss and evaporation, Aqua Blanket helps conserve water and energy, saving you money and extending your swim season. Made in the USA, Aqua Blanket is safe to use on all pool surfaces, including vinyl. With Aqua Blanket you can enjoy countless hours of summer fun, without the hassle, cost or hazard of dealing with that heavy solar blanket.

Any questions or comments? Drop us a note. We love to hear from you!

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    1. Absolutely! The product works just as well in a salt pool as with a traditionally sanitized pool and there is no adverse chemistry to worry about.

      Enjoy your safe and healthy pool while using Aqua Blanket to reduce evaporative water loss and to reduce cold-temperature heat loss.

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