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algae in swimming pool

Where Does Algae Come From?

“I didn’t throw seeds in my pool, so why are plants growing in it?”

Of all the crazy things customers have said to me, this was by far the funniest. I could not help but produce the mental image of “Johnny Algae-Seed” spreading the seeds of algae into every pool across the country, tormenting pool owners everywhere. Obviously, no one throws seeds into their pool or spa, so how exactly do algae end up there? Glad you asked!

The Answer, My Friend
The answer, you could say, is blowing in the wind. At the risk of sounding like a boring high school science class, algae do not grow from seeds, but from spores. Millions and millions of these spores are present in the environment and carried right to your pool when the wind blows. These spores are everywhere and there is no way to stop them. The only thing we can do is find ways to prevent them from growing once they are there. If apple trees grew from spores, maybe Johnny Appleseed would not have had to work so hard.








How Do We Prevent Spores From Taking Root in Our Pools?
Algae is a living organism. Under the right conditions, such as warmer water, lots of sunlight and the lack of chemical algae preventative (or algicide, as it is called) algae can grow and multiply faster than a nest of rabbits. Our pools and spas obviously get plenty of sunlight, and the water is pretty warm. These are the perfect conditions for algae to thrive when we do not use an algicide.

What is an Algicide?
















Algicide comes in more shapes, sizes, and colors than the ice cream menu at Baskin Robbins. All have their pros and cons, but an important consideration is how long the algicide will be effective. Most preventative algicides ask for treatment of your pool on a weekly basis, but copper-based Algicides, like

Lo-Chlor 90-Day Pool Algicide, can protect your pool from algae blooms for three months with a single treatment. Copper algicides are specially formulated to not stain your pool when used correctly and are chlorine free.

Now if I can just figure out how to only take the trash out every three months….

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