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enzymes in swimming pools

Enzymes: What Do I Need to Know About Them and How Do They Affect My Swimming Pool Water

Many new swimming pool owners struggle with regular maintenance and pool upkeep. It seems that water balancing has its own vocabulary. One of the new words you may encounter is enzymes. What are they, and do you need to use them to treat your pool? Let’s take a look at what enzymes are, and how they can be a beneficial addition to your pool treatments.

What they are

Enzymes exist naturally in every organism, and have probably been around for as long as there has been life on the planet. They play a major role in breaking down organic matter by accelerating biological processes. From turning leaves into mulch to helping with digestion, enzymes play a crucial role.
Not only do enzymes do their job well in nature, but some water treatment products use enzymes to help keep pools as clean and healthy as possible. Because enzymes are extremely effective at destroying oils, fats, detergents, dirt, pollen, insect matter and other types of organic material, they can be ideally suited for treating pool water. Since enzymes are used to help clean up industrial-sized oil spills, they are certainly up to the task of treating your pool.
By decomposing invisible organic matter in the pool or spa, enzymes help reduce the need for sanitizers and they are effective at preventing foaming. That’s good news, but the better news is that because enzymes are very selective in what they consume, they are perfectly safe for humans and other mammals.
Despite good filtration practices and low phosphate levels, some swimming pools can exhibit persistently hazy water, high chlorine demand or water-line scum build-up. “Bather load” from tanning oils, hair treatments, and cosmetics can cause filtration problems because these contaminants “gum-up” pool filters. Using enzymes in the pool can reduce demand for sanitizer and shock, while breaking down the oils that deposit themselves on the tile line and skimmers. Regular enzyme use in pools with these problems will increase filter run cycles and lengthen the lifespan of the pool filter media.

Ultra Zyme

Treating your pool water with enzymes is easy with Lo-Chlor’s Ultra Zyme. Ultra Zyme is designed to help maintain and balance your swimming pool water. Its high-strength enzyme formula is especially designed for high-load pools. The product helps break down organic matter, eliminates scum lines, reduces the need for chlorine and other chemicals, improves water clarity, and it is both non-toxic and biodegradable.
Treating your pool water with enzymes can also save you money by reducing the need for chemicals, reducing maintenance, and extending filter life. Simple weekly doses are all that’s needed for clearer, safe, non-toxic swimming!
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