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organic debris in pool

An Unrecognized Pool Problem: Organic Debris

Pool professionals know that despite good filtration and reliable additions of sanitizer, pools can exhibit a wide variety of problems including

  • Fouled filters
  • Algae outbreaks
  • High chlorine demand
  • Water balance problems
  • Persistently hazy water
  • Waterline scum build-up

Historically, these were considered independent issues and each was treated with a different, specialized product. Now we know that, in many cases, these problems can have a common origin: organic debris in the water.

Hazy water is often the result of organic debris that is too fine to filter out. Organic debris reacts with chlorine, making it unavailable for disinfection and algae control, resulting in increased chlorine demand. Larger organic debris collects on filters making them less effective and requiring frequent cleaning. Scum deposits at pool waterlines are almost always composed of organic debris acting as glue to adhere and harden mineral deposits.

Organic debris enters the pool as “bather load” (sweat, dead skin cells, suntan lotions, oils, cosmetics, hair products, etc.) or as soil, fertilizer, or insect and plant fragments that fall into the water. But how can you rid water of this organic waste? The answer is enzymes.


What exactly are enzymes?

  • Enzymes are produced by every living organism to speed up chemical reactions that are important to their survival. They are obtained by extraction from living yeasts or benign bacteria cultivated for this purpose.
  • From water treatment facilities producing drinking water to helping clean up industrial-sized oil spills, enzymes play a crucial role in purification processes.
  • Enzymes destroy organic debris molecules by chopping them into ever-smaller parts – like converting apples to applesauce.
  • Because enzymes are extremely selective in which organic molecules they react with, they are perfectly safe for humans and other mammals.


Experience clean and clear pool water

Regular use of a high-quality enzyme product can be the simplest way to solve a wide variety of problems and help clarify, purify and balance swimming pool water.

Enzymes can reduce demand for sanitizer and shock, while breaking down the oils that deposit themselves on the tile line and skimmers. With routine use, these products will improve filter run cycles and lengthen the lifespan of the pool filter media.

Because enzymes themselves are biologically derived, exposure to chlorine will destroy them over time. They also require some time to carry out their function. To obtain the desired performance, enzyme products should be used regularly in a maintenance regime; a single, large dose will provide only modest benefit.

Commercial pool professionals need a powerful product specifically designed for challenging high-load pools where large amounts of organic debris molecules are found. This will also aid in managing chlorine use and reducing overall maintenance time.

Lo-Phos E+ and Ultra Zyme Pro both contain enzymes to help with the above mentioned challenges.

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