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How Do I Treat My Swimming Pool Water After a Storm?

Let’s face it, as much as we love the summer months, they do come with one disadvantage: rain storms. Storms often wreak havoc with pool water chemistry, causing the water chemistry to become unbalanced. The result? Pool water that encourages scaling or corrosion of contact surfaces and, usually, algae growth.

The primary culprits are the various types of organic debris carried into the water by the strong winds or heavy rain. This debris may contain vegetation, spores, dust, fertilizers or pesticides. The longer this mix of organic material is in your pool, the more difficulty you will have getting your pool water clean and balanced, again.

Fortunately, you can stave off these problems by shocking your pool water as soon as the storm has passed. Two products that are effective for this are TropiClear Super Shock and TropiClear Shock & Swim. Super Shock requires a waiting period before you can swim, while Shock & Swim allows you to use your pool as soon as it is well-dispersed in the water. Shocking quickly destroys nearly all of the bacteria and algae in the pool before they start to reproduce in abundance.

You should test your pool water and rebalance it the day after you shock your pool. In addition to products for shocking your pool, TropiClear also offers a full range of balancing chemicals. For best results, be sure to follow product label directions.

Following a storm, you should always clean your filter since it will probably contain a lot of debris brought into your pool from the storm. Lo-Chlor manufactures Filter & Tile cleaner with a spray nozzle, which is excellent for quickly removing the various materials trapped by your filter. Allowing this unwanted material to remain on your filter will reduce the effectiveness of your pool treatment products.

Once you have rebalanced your pool water chemistry, it is time to add a good algicide. Our favorite is Lo-Chlor’s 90 Day Algicide. It is very effective and long-lasting (one dose lasts 3 months), and it is guaranteed to not stain.

If anyone is going to have a party in your pool, it should be you and your family and friends, not bacteria and algae! Taking the simple steps we have discussed will keep your pool water clear, beautiful and algae-free, come rain or shine.

If you would like to read more about keeping your swimming pool water crystal clear during the summer months, we invite you to read this article as well. And, as always, please send us your questions, comments, and feedback. We love to hear from you!

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