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How Can I Keep My Pool Water Crystal Clear All Summer Long?

It can seem impossible to keep your pool water looking great all summer. Nature seems to be working against you and instead of the crisp, clear, inviting water you want for your family and friends, you get algae blooms, hazy water and a clogged up pool filter.

But if you keep the basics in mind you can have the beautiful and refreshing pool that you want with a minimum of effort.

Summertime delivers a few “extras” to your pool water and that’s the source of water troubles. Extra organic debris in your water is responsible for haziness and also provides a feast for algae eager to bloom. The extra organic debris comes from plant matter or insects falling into your pool, algae spores carried by rain water and increased bather use including sun screen, hair products, etc.

This same organic debris contains extra phosphates within it, another critical nutrient for algae.
And, of course, the extra sunshine helps the well-fed algae reproduce even faster. (They are plants, after all.) Knowing this, a few simple steps are all you need to enjoy your pool along with nature’s beauty, without the unwanted problems that come with the “extras”.

Adding a long-lasting algicide to your pool water at the beginning of summer is a great move. 90-Day Algicide by Lo-Chlor® can prevent algae all summer with just one treatment.

Rather than making the algicide fight alone, it’s important to eliminate the nutrients that provide algae with the energy to keep fighting. Lo-Phos E+ by Lo-Chlor is formulated to do just that. It’s a combination formula that used weekly, removes phosphates from your pool water and destroys the organic debris. It’s a very efficient way to get at the heart of those two problematic “extras”.

Since the summer struggle is continuous, with more extras being delivered to your pool water every day, using a continuous-action clarifier is a smart way to keep your pool water sparkling clear. One MiraClear Clarifier Tab by Lo-Chlor tossed into your skimmer basket does this beautifully; it’s easy, just use one each month.

In the summer you should test your water and shock it weekly. And you should increase your circulation pump run time and sanitizer levels from the settings that were used in colder winter months.

No matter what you do, more materials will be collecting on your filter during the summer months. So keep your filter clean and performing well with weekly rinses and several quick squirts of amazing Filter & Tile Cleaner by Lo-Chlor.

And sit back, relax with a cold drink, and enjoy the pool you always wanted.

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