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phosphates in pool water

Phosphates in Pool Water

Phosphates lead to growth of algae and pathogens. Not treating the issue will lead to more chlorine consumption, more frequent filter cleaning and a higher risk of algae blooms. Phosphates get into pool water from many sources and create numerous problems:

  • Leaves, dust, insects, fertilizers, skin shed by bathers, products like suntan lotions and moisturizers, hair care products, beverages, etc., all contribute phosphates.
  • Many municipalities put phosphates in the water system to inhibit metal pipe corrosion, causing pool fill water to often contain lots of phosphate. Surprisingly, quite a few pool chemicals contain phosphates, too.
  • These phosphates are constantly being made available to algae and pathogens and help them thrive. Even when too small to see, algae colonies and biofilm in pipes create a high demand for chlorine.
  • Phosphates also contribute to pool scum at water lines and to salt chlorine generator scaling. To get clean and healthy pool water, phosphate levels must be kept low. This has always been the case but only recently was phosphate recognized as the cause of many common problems.


There are two ways to remove phosphates in pool water:

1. REDUCE: Dramatically reduce the concentration of phosphate in a pool that’s  already high and showing symptoms.

2. MAINTAIN: Use a maintenance-level phosphate reducer to keep serious problems from  occurring.


For clear and phosphate-free water –

Reduce current phosphates:

You need a professional grade, highly concentrated but safe formula that will immediately reduce excess phosphate levels.  While dosing, water will quickly cloud up with an intensity that corresponds to the phosphate contamination.

Following up with an effective clarifier, along with a clean pool filter is the best way to clear the cloudiness and rid the pool of contamination.


Maintain low phosphate conditions –

Weekly dosing with a good maintenance product will keep a pool from developing these common problems. An excellent option will contain a broad-spectrum enzyme cocktail to destroy the organic contaminants that carry phosphates into pools.

Lo-Chlor’s formulated, high-strength specialty pool chemicals can solve your phosphate problems. Try Lo-Chlor, The PROVEN Solution every time!

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