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Pool water perfection with clarifiers

Pool Water Perfection with Clarifiers

It’s game on! as pools have gotten cleaned-up, geared up, warmed up and now, with bathers jumping in, loaded up. Sun time is fun time for bathers as they enjoy the clean, crystal-clear water that signals the start of another joyous pool season. Everyone seems happy, but no one ever asks the pool water or the filter what they think about another season of bather load!

Bathers (swimmers) are a major contributor to the loss of water clarity that quickly happens early in each pool season. But pools are for swimming, so we certainly don’t want to use the pool less or permanently cover the pool. And the bathers aren’t the sole reason that pool water starts looking flat and hazy before long. Plant debris, including pollen and algae spores, insects, animal contributions and the occasional spilled leisure beverage have all already decided to join the pool party and they each have a season-pass. They’re here to stay.

We have all gotten pretty sophisticated about managing pool water. But we seem to have forgotten some of our older, better habits in the process. Many of us have grown accustomed to drab-looking water as we tend to other more pressing pool issues throughout swim season. Sometimes its worse than drab and to remedy water haze we use a clarifier. There’s nothing wrong with that; if you use a good clarifier it works. But bathers want sparkling, crystal-clear, inviting high-quality water ALL the time! And there’s no reason they can’t have it.

Not that long ago, clarifiers weren’t used as a remedy to a problem as much as they were used as a regular maintenance treatment to assure brilliant water all the time. If you choose a high-performing clarifier, and use it regularly per the label instructions, you’ll get sensational water clarity. Lo-Chlor’s Miraclear® Blue (a weekly product) and Miraclear® Clarifier Tabs (a monthly product) are famous for delivering sharp, brilliant water that “sparkles like diamonds”.

Why not be a hero to your family or even the neighborhood and give them what they actually want? We’ve made it easy but only you can make them smile.

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