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What Can I Use to Prevent Evaporation Of My Swimming Pool Water?

Summer is here, along with the warm temperatures that make cookouts and swimming in your pool so enjoyable. The hot summer months also come with a downside: evaporation of your pool water. Evaporation occurs not only from heating by the sun, but also from loss of heat during the cooler night hours. How can you keep your pool water where it belongs? Let’s look at the traditional method, and new one that works so well that the only question is why someone didn’t think of it sooner.

Solar Blankets

Solar blankets, or covers, are very popular among swimming pool owners. Until now, they have been the most common means of preventing pool water evaporation. However, they are tedious to maneuver and pose dangers for children and pets. With advancement in technology, there is a new way of handling these issues: Aqua Blanket, by Lo-Chlor®.

A New and Better Solution

A safe, non-toxic, biodegradable formula, Aqua Blanket works as well as similar alcohol-based products, but without the volatility they experience. Often referred to as the “solar blanket in a bottle,” Aqua Blanket is easy to use; just a small amount poured into the swimming pool weekly does the job.

So how does Aqua Blanket work? Aqua Blanket’s formula, derived from plant material, creates a modified “monolayer” layer of water,just one molecule deep—too insubstantial to be seen or felt by bathers, and it has no odor or flavor. However, it is extremely effective in blocking energetic water molecules from escaping the water’s surface. The result? A 45% reduction in water evaporation and a reduction in heat loss of up to 85%, when the water is treated as recommended.

When agitation occurs at the water’s surface, Aqua Blanket redistributes itself at the surface of the water when the surface becomes stable, rather than mixing with the water below. This amazing property keeps Aqua Blanket working, no matter how messy your dog paddle might become.

Bather drag-out, decomposition by chlorine, and filtration capture all reduce the level of Aqua Blanket in pool water. For this reason, weekly treatments are necessary to maintain the effectiveness of the product. The good news is that only 3 ounces of product are needed to treat 500 sq.ft. (About 15,000 gallons).

By reducing evaporation and heat loss, Aqua Blanket helps conserve water and energy, saving you money. Made in the USA, Aqua Blanket will help you enjoy countless hours of summer fun, without the hassle of dealing with that heavy solar blanket for your swimming pool. It is safe to use on all pool surfaces, including vinyl. The reduction in heat loss also helps you extend your swimming season.

A solar blanket in a bottle. Easy enough?

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