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How Do I Properly Maintain My Swimming Pool During The Summer Months

It is not a secret that maintaining your pool water’s chemistry during the summer months is not an easy task. Warmer temperatures and additional sunlight make it algae’s favorite season, since both contribute to algae growth. Summer is also the season of growth for plants and insects, so there will be more debris and insect carcasses making their way into your water creating higher organic load. Now, imagine crystal clear pool water all summer long—with no mixing, no measuring, and no chemical messes around your pool’s patio! This is not only possible, but easy to achieve.

In order to manage these changes you will need more chlorine to disinfect and kill algae to keep up with the load delivered by the increased organics. This will not only cloud the water in your pool, but will also increase the burden on your filter. Products are available for cleaning your filter, and they can help keep your chlorination system working effectively. However, when used alone, they don’t go far enough.

What is needed to keep your water fresh and clean is a clarifier. Let’s take a look at Miraclear® Pool Clarifier Tab and see how it makes maintaining your pool water a snap.

Safe for humans and pets, you simply drop the concentrated tab into your pump strainer basket—that’s it. Easy enough?

This non-toxic, non-irritating product is biodegradable and does not affect the chlorination or pH balance in your pool water. The slow dissolving gel clears up murky and hazy water, usually within twenty four hours. When used regularly, generally every thirty days, it helps keep your pool water crystal clear all season.

Miraclear Pool Clarifier Tab works by causing the microscopic particles that produce haziness to aggregate, which then changes the surfaces of the particles, making them easier to filter out. With Miraclear Pool Clarifier Tab, there’s no chemical mixing and no worries about spills around your pool deck area. One treatment a month is all that’s needed to improve your filter efficiency and to reduce chlorine usage. Miraclear® Blue, a liquid version of the clarifier is also available for these challenges, not as concentrated as the tab it is used as part of your weekly treatment, for more information please click here.

Of course, weekly testing is necessary to keeping your pool water’s chemistry in perfect balance.  You can test your pool water with kits available at pool supply stores. Some stores will also test the water for you if you bring a sample to their location. Depending on the outcome of your tests different products may be needed to correct your water chemistry. Lo-Chlor® offers a complete line of products for any performance problem.

Now you have time to enjoy that beautiful swimming pool, and the swimming season, without all of the extra work!

Feel free to leave us any questions or feedback you may have, we love to hear from you!

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